The Ballen Method Curriculum

The Ballen Method Curriculum was created to assist with online marketing from beginning basics to advanced skills. No matter where you are in your marketing journey, The Ballen Method can help you define, refine, and master digital strategies to generate leads. Follow the courses and lessons throughout The Ballen Method to get a grip on Search Engine Strategies, Website Fundamentals, Video, Social Media, Pay Per Click, Tracking and Measuring for Results, and so much more! You'll also find printable worksheets, checklists, workbooks, downloadable guides, and additional resources to help you succeed in your marketing endeavors and learn how to generate real estate leads through your website.






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Topic Courses

All of the lessons in The Ballen Method have value individually. But when they are combined together and used as a whole to drive traffic to a central location, which is your own website, then the true magic happens!  The Ballen Method is about converting the mundane and ordinary into an extraordinarily magical experience.

The Ballen Method is all about time on task - time-blocked and disciplined lead generation that never lets up regardless of how great the success. It's about being creative, unique, and standing out. It's about being visible so much that there is no way the customers can avoid you. It's about being so in your face that your name is always in their brain. The Ballen Method is never about flying under the radar. It's about being seen, recognized, and felt.

The Ballen Method helps you find and nurture your passion, purpose, and a plan for success. Learn it, work it, live it - it works! Above all, have fun with it.

What's Included?


The courses within The Ballen Method cover the most simple and complex topics in digital marketing. Within each course are lessons, presented in digestible bites so you can learn at your own pace. One of the greatest attributes of The Ballen Method courses is that you can jump in anywhere. Scroll to find the topic of interest, then dive in. Although there is a certain order to things, all courses are unlocked and available to you the moment you become a member of The Ballen Method. You can hop, skip, and jump around the system to find what you need when you need it. Even better, The Ballen Method is a living document, meaning we add to or modify courses regularly to keep up with current trends, fads, and time-tested techniques.


Within each course of The Ballen Method are multiple lessons. The lessons are designed to give you easy-to-process steps to success. Take it one lesson at a time, or bounce around to find what you need. Mark each lesson “complete” when finished and track your progress with the progress bar. Move easily through lessons with forward and back arrows, or view the course as a whole with lesson links that fade when the lesson is complete. Many lessons start with short but powerful videos, others are text-based, and a variety of them include both formats. Whether you’re a visual learner or avid reader, learning is engaging, exciting, and inspiring with The Ballen Method.


Many of the lessons within The Ballen Method include printable worksheets, workbooks, checklists, downloadable guides, toolkits, or other useful items. And more resources are being added to the already powerful platform on a regular basis. The value of your system increases over time without added expense to you. Examples include Lead Conversion Worksheets, Blog Worksheets, Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Keywords, Tracking Toolkit, Social Media Advertising for Beginners e-book, and more.


When you become a member of The Ballen Method Curriculum, you become a part of something bigger. There’s an entire community of people just like you who are gathering, networking, discussing, and asking questions about The Ballen Method and its components. We don’t leave you high and dry once you join. We’re right there with you, and others like you, to help you navigate your digital marketing journey. You are not alone.


We’re easy to find when you need us. There are links throughout the system to let you know help is just a click away. When more than an email is needed, you have access to custom one-on-one training session memberships (view more details here). We’re only a click, call, or email away. Don’t get stuck, get the support you need from the Ballen Brands team.

Dominate Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is where it’s at. Period. The Ballen Method can pave the path for you to rank organically at the top of the search engines. Learn about keyword strategies, content marketing, user experience, and other factors that all play in to search engine success. Become a master of SEO and watch your business grow as a result of your well-applied efforts.

Get More Leads

It all comes down to one thing, right? LEAD GENERATION! When you apply the lessons within The Ballen Method, you learn how to set yourself up for success to generate more leads online. You’ll learn about creating offers viewers can use, creating landing pages for lead capture, and so much more. Plant the seeds today to see promising results in the future.

Grow Your Database

Not all leads are instant clients. Some relationships take time to nurture, cultivate, and convert. Growing your database is the best way to earn permission to market to prospects in the future. With a strong database, you can implement drip campaigns and Auto ISA systems that work over time to convert leads to clients.

Build a Lead Generating Website

Your website is the point to which all traffic flows. Whether your marketing tactics include printed materials, blogs, articles, social media posts, or other endeavors, they all lead back to your hub: your website. The Ballen Method will help you create or revise your web platform into a lead generating machine.

Measure Your Results

You cannot confuse motion with progress. You must track and measure for results. Through tracking and measuring, you can identify your hot spots, your weaknesses, and your slow-and-steady lead generators. Within The Ballen Method Curriculum, you’ll find ample information about keyword planners, heat maps, analytics, and other tools designed to help you succeed in your digital marketing endeavors.

Become the Local Expert

Through community pages, hyperlocal blogging, industry specific articles, demographic targeting, and other techniques, The Ballen Method will guide you through the steps of becoming a local expert. Build trust, nurture relationships, and cultivate leads with The Ballen Method.

You'll Also Get These BONUSES!

365 Blog Post Calendar

Access an entire year's worth of blog ideas with examples that you can model your own blog posts after.

Over 20 Hours of Webinars

Access multiple webinar playbacks on a variety of online marketing topics

Complete Buyer Email Campaign

A series of emails tested and measured by our team to send to your potential buyers.

Complete Seller Email Campaign

A series of emails tested and measured by our team to send to your potential sellers.

So what are you waiting for?

Become a member today and gain lifetime access to the curriculum along with access to all updates made to the system. You will also gain access to our exclusive member's only Facebook group where you can ask questions, communicate with our team, and mastermind with other members. Only a one time payment of $597 to become a lifetime member.

Ballen Brands is a digital marketing company helping business professionals rise above the noise. But we didn’t set out with that as our destination. Our original path, and one that now aligns with our bigger picture, is in real estate.

As a real estate professional, Lori Ballen entered the arena at ground zero. As a newbie in the industry, Lori fell haphazardly into marketing her business online. In fact, she lovingly refers to that portion of her journey as failing forward. Through trial and tribulation, she floundered until she found her way. But once she found her way (or should we say INVENTED?) her way became known as The Ballen Method and is highly sought after by other real estate professionals. The Ballen Method is a digital marketing curriculum outlining and detailing all of the DYI methods Lori applied when growing her real estate business organically. And yes, she still practices those methods to this day.

You see, we did not develop a product and then search for an audience to whom we could sell it. Quite the opposite, we evolved with the needs of our peers to provide a high quality experience. This is why, even when you look, you won’t find a sales team at Ballen Brands. We have trainers, coaches, business developers, creatives, and techies. But no salesman.