What is Included?


Here we craft pages separating homes by price. One page may be homes under $200,000, another page for homes under $300,000. These can be divided time and time again to highlight each price range in your target demographic. These properties are constantly updated, current, and ready to show. Find your buyer and close the deal by allowing viewers to shop properties by price range.


People shop for homes not only by price range, but also by location. Location can mean several things: City, county, zip code, master planned community, etc. By focusing on individual areas and communities, you can begin to sell a neighborhood and let the neighborhood sell the house.


The third element by which buyers search for properties is features. Features are endless in possibilities: one bedroom, two story, homes with pools, homes with casitas, houses with a fireplace. Here, we isolate each feature and display all the properties sharing that common feature.


Basic property pages consist strictly of IDX widgets without content. You can increase the success rate and search engine rankings on your property pages by adding content. Standard content includes report-style information about the community or features. Premium content paints a picture in which home buyers want to see themselves. Standard content is informative whereas premium content is informative and convincing. Choose stand alone property pages, or upgrade to property pages with standard or premium content.


of all home buyers are searching online


of all home buyers want to see pictures of the property online


of all buyers' first step was looking online for a home


of first time buyers are first researching online

Property pages aren’t option for the real estate agent’s website. If you’re going to reach the home buyers searching online, the home buyers searching for property pictures, and those who initiate their first time purchase or potential purchase with an online search, then you’re missing the boat entirely when your website doesn’t have property pages.

Creating property pages is an ongoing project, not a “big gulp” attempt to create them all at once. Begin with your target demographic. For example, if your goal is to sell homes over $2 million, then start those property pages first. From there, you can build up and/or down in price. If your area of expertise is waterfront properties, then start by displaying homes fitting that criteria.

Continuously adding new property and/or community pages, you’re sending a steady signal to the search engines that your content is fresh. The more often Google displays your page in a search query, the higher you go in the rankings. Furthermore, the more clicks that page receives, the more Google juice it has. Finally, the amount of time a viewer spends on your page, the more pull your page has in search engine rankings.

The fact of the matter is, you cannot afford NOT to have property and/or community pages on your real estate website. That’d be like opening a shoe store without a single shoe on display.

Dominate Search Engines

Currently, "IDX Widget Pages" or Property Pages, are ranking very well on search engines. By providing Google with pages on our website to meet common search criteria, such as, "Zip Code Map in Las Vegas", "Homes for Sale in 89148", and even "Homes for Sale in Summerlin from $400,000 - $500,000 with a pool", you are providing your website with more of a chance to rank for genuine leads than ever.

Get More Leads

With Property Pages your #1 main visitor is more than likely going to want to purchase a house right away, is just browsing for now, or is a seller looking at what other houses in the area are selling for. Of course, you may get a registration that has an agent already, or isn't looking for help at the moment, but more times than not, they are interested. These pages are designed to draw in those that are interested so that you can take it from there and get them to the closing table.

Grow Your Website

The more that you feed your website with quality, relevant content, the more likely your website is to climb the search engines. By providing value such as properties in the area that meet the demand of your market, your website is more likely to generate traffic. When those visitors stay on your website and click around to properties and other relevant pages on your website, Google recognizes that your website is valuable for what that visitor searched for. Next time another visitor searches for that same criteria, guess who's more likely to show up? You!

Save Time

These property pages are simple and repetitive, yes, but with all the options available, it could take years to complete all the combinations that there are to offer. That is why we are here to help. Our marketing team builds these widgets for you so that you can continue to grow your website, provide value to your visitors, all while being able to focus on what you do best - client communication. Let us help build the pages to generate you more traffic and leads so you can follow up and close the deal.

How Does it Work?

When creating these pages, our team has put together a method to help break down your area in the easiest way for navigation, as well as providing a variety for your visitors to browse immediately. There is a hierarchy that we follow that we recommend, but you are not limited to. Each area mentioned will have multiple pages with an IDX search (we recommend using IDX Broker) for a specific area, which is then broken down into price ranges. Each bullet below will be considered a page:

  • Homes for Sale in Las Vegas
    • Homes for Sale in Las Vegas Under $200k
    • Homes for Sale in Las Vegas Under $300k
    • Homes for Sale in Las Vegas Under $400k
    • Homes for Sale in Las Vegas Under $500k
    • Homes for Sale in Las Vegas Under $600k
    • Homes for Sale in Las Vegas Under $700k
    • Homes for Sale in Las Vegas Under $800k
    • Homes for Sale in Las Vegas Under $900k
    • Homes for Sale in Las Vegas Under $1 mil
    • Luxury Homes for Sale in Las Vegas
    • Condos in Las Vegas

By having these pages on your website, you are providing your visitor with a variety of options to click around to based on their interests. The goal is to make this navigation as simple as possible for your visitor, as well as providing all possible search options so your website is more likely to appear on search engines.

Select Your IDX Pages


5 Property Pages


15 Property Pages


30 Property Pages

Ballen Brands is a digital marketing company helping business professionals rise above the noise. But we didn’t set out with that as our destination. Our original path, and one that now aligns with our bigger picture, is in real estate.

As a real estate professional, Lori Ballen entered the arena at ground zero. As a newbie in the industry, Lori fell haphazardly into marketing her business online. In fact, she lovingly refers to that portion of her journey as failing forward. Through trial and tribulation, she floundered until she found her way. But once she found her way (or should we say INVENTED?) her way became known as The Ballen Method and is highly sought after by other real estate professionals. The Ballen Method is a digital marketing curriculum outlining and detailing all of the DYI methods Lori applied when growing her real estate business organically. And yes, she still practices those methods to this day.

You see, we did not develop a product and then search for an audience to whom we could sell it. Quite the opposite, we evolved with the needs of our peers to provide a high quality experience. This is why, even when you look, you won’t find a sales team at Ballen Brands. We have trainers, coaches, business developers, creatives, and techies. But no salesman.