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Craig Watson
I am not a realtor but I see the value in your program. Having owned a website for over 10 years, I have spent thousands of dollars trying to do what you have done. I have enough experience to know that you have something really good.
Andrew Keel
I met the marketing mastermind known as Lori Ballen last year and it has been amazing to watch her grow into a celebrity figure within the KW community ever since. She is a very down to earth, friendly person that is not afraid to share with you her rough patches through life. She has a vast knowledge on marketing and is open to sharing that knowledge with fellow agents. I highly recommend Lori and her unselfishness towards assisting other agents growth.
Chris Alston

I met Lori through Social Media and was amazed by her ability to connect and create lasting relationships. I then had the pleasure of meeting her and her team and was amazed to realize that who she was online was the same offline. And our friendship was solidified from that point on.

As a CEO if a real estate company, I have now referred countless clients in the Las Vegas area to her and her team. I know she is competent, knowledgeable and one of the best in her field. If you get a chance to work with her and her team, do it without any reservations!
Hugo Sanchez
Lori Ballen is by far an excellent person, honest and kind. She is a master of her field. She knows Marketing, Public Speaking, Mentoring, Coaching and teaching like no other. Her Product "The Ballen Method" is wonderful, very self-explanatory, and easy to use. My own production has doubled ever since I used The Ballen Method! I love the Ballen Team!
Lisa Alford
I can verify that I have closed 2 deals as a direct result of Ballen Method in 2015.  I did 21 deals in all of 2015.  So that's about 10%
Francesca Puccio
I truly enjoyed Sabrina's class today, she's a master at Gif's. I learned a lot of good information today, thank you! Now it's time to get my branding done and create a blog.
Sandy Williams
Lori Ballen, your team goes the extra mile to help. I cannot thank Sabrina Wekerle, Jeff Helvin, and Catherine Chadwick enough for helping out when I have been in a jam and my head is up against the wall trying to figure something out!
Meagan Diemert
I have gotten 9 leads on my Diemert Properties Group website since coaching with Lori directly (10 Days in)! Lori knows exactly what to do to get your website generating organic leads! If you have been thinking about coaching with her, I highly recommend doing it! So Excited!
Scott Ferguson
I learned one idea from you in Ft. Lauderdale and it closed me 1.1M in volume and started ranking my website. Thanks
Meagan Diemert
I have to say I am LOVING the email campaigns and I wanted you guys to know we are putting them to use :) Havent started sending them - just getting the campaign built. Love the Ballen Academy!