Catch the coat-tails of someone ahead of you who can help you master marketing. You need a marketing mentor with a history in real estate. A marketing mentor from within your own industry who can show you how to work smarter, not harder. Lori Ballen is a digital strategist and public speaker with more than a decade's experience building successful businesses through marketing online.

You invest 30 minutes of your time per week on the Got Leads? calls, and we'll change the way you do business. You'll receive access to 4 live calls a month and also be able to access current and past playbacks for as long as you're a member. There's no contract. No commitment. No obligation. Don't wait. While you're here giving the matter attention, take the next step to register now. You'll be glad you chose to grow your business with the help of Lori Ballen and the Ballen Brands team, your mentors in real estate marketing helping business professionals rise above the noise.

What You Will Learn

Below are the current scheduled topics for the Got Leads? calls. When you register, you gain access to all current live calls, as well as playbacks for all current and past calls while you are a member.


unnamed-7Landing pages demonstrate clearly and concisely what you have to offer your prospects so they'll become leads. Learn how to create winning landing pages that provide benefit to your viewers, and generate leads for you. Landing pages are a digital way to dress your business for success to attract the leads you need to succeed.

Week 1: Market Report

Week 2: Blogging & Keyword Opportunities

Week 3: Community Pages

Week 4: Plugins


unnamed-8If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video can equate to a best-selling novel. Video allows viewers to get to know you in what feels like a personal way, and gives them real-life perspective on property values. By incorporating video into your marketing strategy, you're putting prospects in the driver's seat and steering them toward your business.

Week 1: Getting Started with Video

Week 2: Video Topics and Samples

Week 3: An Overview of iMovie

Week 4: Uploading and Optimizing Video


unnamed-9Lead capture is one of the most important aspects of your marketing. If you're not capturing leads through your efforts, then you're making motion with no progress. Learn the best way to capture quality leads that can generate cash for your company.

Week 1: What to Offer, How and When

Week 2: How to Create eBooks and Checklists

Week 3: Optimizing Pages for Top Conversions

Week 4: Delivering Your Offers: Software and CRM Options


unnamed-10Who knew Facebook would grow up to be such a powerful influence in business marketing? We did! Now we can share with you years of experience in learning how to dominate Facebook through business pages, groups, and paid advertising. Few and far between are rare souls who aren't on Facebook. Tap into the masses by learning to make Facebook work for you.

Week 1: Facebook Pages

Week 2: Facebook Groups

Week 3: Facebook Lists

Week 4: Boosting Posts


unnamed-11Generating leads is wonderful, but cultivating those leads is essential. Learn tried and true tactics to woo your leads and convert them to sales. Don't let the honeymoon end when you capture information. Hold that lead's hand until they're willing to seal the deal.

Week 1: Tracking Leads

Week 2: Lead Follow Up

Week 3: Drip Email Campaigns

Week 4: A Peek Into Infusionsoft


unnamed-12Everything hinges on user experience. Everything. Your viewers learn to trust or dismiss you based on the quality of their experience with your internet offerings. You have the ability to gain years worth of experience in one simple session. We can provide you with the how-to tactics to gain trust and provide high-quality user experiences that will keep your viewers coming back for more.

Week 1: Reducing Bounce Rates

Week 2: Increasing On-Page Engagement

Week 3: Designing for the Mobile Experience

Week 4: Speeding Up Your Site


unnamedSearch Engine Optimization is what drives your marketing efforts to the top of search engine rankings where prospects can find you. Even if you're producing stellar content, it won't serve you well or generate leads if prospects can't find you. Understanding SEO can help you rise above your competition with high ranking results on search engines.

Week 1: The Basics of SEO

Week 2: Keyword Research

Week 3: Using Clicky

Week 4: An Overview of Google Analytics and Google Search Console


unnamed-2Your IDX provider allows you to market your listings on your website. Not all IDX providers are created equal. How you manage your IDX listings on your website could determine whether or not you're successful at generating quality leads. Learn how to make your IDX system work for you.

Week 1: Building Community Pages

Week 2: Set Up and Optimization of the Tool

Week 3: Building Widgets and Links

Week 4: Processing Leads


unnamed-3Your blog is your gateway to success. Through your blog, you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry, earn a reputation as a reliable source of information for your community, and provide valuable content that encourages viewers to keep coming back for more.

Week 1: Getting Started with WordPress

Week 2: What Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Blogging About

Week 3: Hyperlocal Blogging

Week 4: Finding Ghost Writers


unnamed-4When you market a listing, are you retaining your leads, or are they being hijacked by other sources like Trulia, Zillow, or other agents? We'll show you how to successfully market your leads so you, not your competition, can close the sale. Defend your territory with intelligent and powerful listing marketing.

Week 1: Setting Up Your Listing Page

Week 2: Setting Up a Google Map

Week 3: Blasting Your Ad

Week 4: Measuring for Results, and Re-Blasting


unnamed-5There are times when paid advertising is the answer. But if you're not familiar with the ins and outs of pay-per-click marketing, you could be throwing money out the window. We'll provide you with extensive knowledge on how you can save money and make money through pay-per-click marketing.

Week 1: Landing Pages for Ads

Week 2: Facebook and Instagram Ads

Week 3: Google Adwords

Week 4: Twitter Ads and Pinterest Ads


unnamed-6You don't have to speak geek to succeed in your marketing, but there are some tech tools that can make your marketing endeavors easier and more successful. We'll demonstrate how you can work smarter, not harder, to grow your business online with some savvy but simple tech tools.

Week 1: Clicky for Tracking

Week 2: Canva for Graphics

Week 3: Infusionsoft

Week 4: Send Out Cards

"Lori Ballen is an amazing marketing mind and mentor. I've learned more from her in a few short hours than I have learned from other 'tech gurus' in weeks. They are all great, but Lori gets right down to the core of what it takes to get it done quickly. Apply what Lori teaches you immediately and get ready for the return. The entire Ballen Team is fantastic!"

- Brett Bishop

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Ballen Brands is a digital marketing company helping business professionals rise above the noise. But we didn’t set out with that as our destination. Our original path, and one that now aligns with our bigger picture, is in real estate.

As a real estate professional, Lori Ballen entered the arena at ground zero. As a newbie in the industry, Lori fell haphazardly into marketing her business online. In fact, she lovingly refers to that portion of her journey as failing forward. Through trial and tribulation, she floundered until she found her way. But once she found her way (or should we say INVENTED?) her way became known as The Ballen Method and is highly sought after by other real estate professionals. The Ballen Method is a digital marketing curriculum outlining and detailing all of the DYI methods Lori applied when growing her real estate business organically. And yes, she still practices those methods to this day.

You see, we did not develop a product and then search for an audience to whom we could sell it. Quite the opposite, we evolved with the needs of our peers to provide a high quality experience. This is why, even when you look, you won’t find a sales team at Ballen Brands. We have trainers, coaches, business developers, creatives, and techies. But no salesman.