Ballen Brands is a digital marketing company helping business professionals rise above the noise.

As a real estate professional, Lori Ballen entered the arena at ground zero. As a newbie in the industry, Lori fell haphazardly into marketing her business online. In fact, she lovingly refers to that portion of her journey as failing forward. Through trial and tribulation, she floundered until she found her way. But once she found her way (or should we say INVENTED?) her way became known as The Ballen Method and is highly sought after by other real estate professionals. The Ballen Method is a digital marketing curriculum outlining and detailing all of the DIY methods Lori applied when growing her real estate business organically. And yes, she still practices those methods to this day.

Lori continued to excel in real estate, but her marketing techniques and systems became a focal point for her peers. Eventually, she was asked to teach, train, and speak at highly publicized events with some of the top names in real estate. This branch of Ballen Brands became known as Ballen Events. Lori’s events have taken her across the United States and abroad, and have taken their attendees to exhilarating levels of success. With an understanding that travel may hinder some from attending her live events, Lori incorporated webinars and digital workshops in her event platforms.

As The Ballen Method grew, and events more and more frequent, it became clear that not all real estate agents are all that enthusiastic about DIY marketing projects. In fact, some agents requested products and services moreover than trainings, coaching, and events. This is why we evolved to include B.R.E.W. - Ballen Real Estate Websites, Placester set up, Pay-Per-Click services, AutoPilot ISA campaigns, content services, and more.

You see, we did not develop a product and then search for an audience to whom we could sell it. Quite the opposite, we evolved with the needs of our peers to provide a high quality experience. This is why, even when you look, you won’t find a sales team at Ballen Brands. We have trainers, coaches, business developers, creatives, and techies. But no salesman.

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Lori Ballen

CEO | Digital Marketing Strategist Specializing in Search and Social

Lori Ballen has spent years building successful businesses in a variety of fields. Her true passion is in lead generation, online marketing, product development, team-building, and teaching. As a teen-ager, Lori picked up the skill of ASL sign language, with which she became certified as an ASL sign language interpreter before becoming a guru with business ownership. When not working, Lori can be found with playing with her cherished family, shopping, at the beach whale-watching, or at her favorite “happy place”, Disneyland.

Jeff Helvin

COO | Operations Manager & Client Services

Jeff has a history in business development, team management, and making the impossible possible. When not holding down the fort at Ballen Brands, Jeff can be found loving his wife and three daughters through a variety of fun adventures, photographing breathtaking scenery, and coin collecting.

Sabrina Wekerle

Events Coordinator & Lead Trainer

Sabrina forged her successful path in life with an extensive knowledge of the technical treasures on which society has come to depend. She came to Ballen Brands off the cusp of working with one of the world’s most recognized brands for computer development. Within Ballen Brands, Sabrina works one-on-one with clients offering tech training, is a master of The Ballen Method, and has become known as “The campaign whisperer”. When not working, Sabrina can be found enjoying movie marathons and frequent snacks of Reese’s and milk.

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