The Secret to Getting the Hot Leads You Might Be Missing

In this video, Lori Ballen discusses top tips for getting the hot leads you might be missing online along with ways to save time with your online marketing efforts.

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Content Strategy and IDX

Today what I want to cover specifically is how to get some leads that you might be missing, and how to spot some gaps in your lead generation efforts that you may not have thought of. I’ve been teaching for a long time and I teach how to blog, how to build real estate websites, how to do pay per click services, how to run Facebook ads, how to market yourself on social media, brand awareness, logos, taglines, all of that.

All of my leads come from the internet and search engine optimization is still a primary focus of mine. I love traditional SEO and I get a lot of leads every single day that are driven organically, which means not paid through my real estate website. Lori Ballen

What I want to show you here is my real estate website. The first thing that you’re going to want to have is a really good real estate website. It needs to have great lead captures and that will allow you to customize, build your own content strategy, and showcase your content. Even though you might be building on a website that had a general template like we do at our brew Ballen Real Estate Agent website, you want to be able to change it.

I want to talk a little bit about content strategy and what you may not even realize what is happening. You might be missing some of the leads and some of the content you can be creating things around.

I want to show you a real deal example of a lead that came in this morning and how you can take that lead, track it so that you know how they found you and where they came from, and then use that lead source to find more opportunity for more leads.

I know that was a mouthful, but this is a really cool strategy. One of the reasons I see people get caught up in is not knowing how to lead and generate online. This strategy I’ve proven works across the board. As long as it’s something that’s Googled right or something that’s looked up on YouTube, this strategy is going to work.

For example, this morning I got a lead, so I’m going to go into my IDX account.

IDX is stands for the Internet Data Exchange and it’s what gives us the ability to show these houses on our website. Mostly everybody has IDX and when you set this up you get permission from your broker with a signed slip and it goes to your board of real estate agents and they approve your IDX provider.

Now if you have an out of the box website, a canned website or you’re using Zillow, or, then you’re using an IDX that’s already chosen by that company.

The good news is that you bypassed that step, but he bad news is you don’t have any customization abilities. You can’t control a lot of the colors and the way it looks and the design elements and the structure of the IDX.You can control potentially some of the registration options, but not as many.

My IDX gives us the ability to really do a lot of cool stuff with customization and design and I use IDX broker. For those of you that are looking for a new solution or website, make sure you contact us and I’ll have my sales team contact you to discuss what IDX broker you’re using. If you just go sign up with this IDX broker, they’re going to charge you a setup fee, but my if you use my link we can waive the setup fee and we can also help build your website.

What happens now is somebody goes to look at a property and I allow them to do as many searches as they want without forcing registration. Saying that, where I force registration is at the photos because I tested and for me, photos seem to get the highest conversion of capture.

Now what I’m playing with is where to force the user to register. What happens is they can click a property and they view photo gallery, then they go back again and they’re going to go look at another property.

Once they get to the second or third property, that’s where it’s going to have a pop-up that will require them to register. I also do allow for social login so they can log in with Facebook or Google.

Keywords and Search Engines

Today I want to show you the leads that are missing, so this is just an example of how somebody would log in and how I would acquire their information. I’m going to click view notes and what I’m going to be able to see is their IP address.

Then I’m able to go into my analytic software which is called Clicky, go to Find IP Addresses and I’m going to put in this IP address filter and do a quick scan and find that client. Now if you have a Brew Ballen Real Estate website, this is all gonna scan automatically and it’s going to do the IP address for you.

What I can see about this lead is if she came in from a Bing search, I can see what page that she entered in on and I can see that she searched for Summerlin condos. Now I’ve got this really cool software called SEM Rush and can be difficult so I’m going to say save this for once you get a little bit more advanced.

The general idea is that I’m able to go over to my pages and it actually lists all of my pages and all of the keywords that they rank for on Google. This is helpful because it helps me to know where else I can write content or what other keywords I might use to be able to get this page to rank higher.

My goal here is to get my Summerlin condos pages to continue to climb the ranks, so I’m looking for gaps in content, or what other key words I can use to make sure this stays at the top. Essentially looking for ideas on how to boost my rankings and leads.

I go over to Google and I type something in up here in the search bar like “What are the best condos in Summerlin?” What you’re gonna see first is paid advertisement, so one thing you could do is get some paid ads, if that’s what you want.

Now when we scroll down further, we can see videos that contain the keywords that we searched for. We’re basically using the search engine itself to find ideas for what content to create around those keywords. So if I’m not showing up here then I might want to make a video on condos in Summerlin or the best condos in Summerlin or something like that.

On the right hand side you have something here called Keywords Everywhere and what you do is you go in and you download this plugin and you would install the extension for Chrome or Firefox. What this does is that anytime you do a search these suggestions are going to show up on the right hand side.

For example, I was looking up Summerlin condos and I can see suggestions for other things I might be interested in looking at. Next to the suggestions we see how many searches they had, how much they charge for pay per click and how much competition there is.

I could look under Summerlin Las Vegas Map for example, and ask myself if I’ve made a page on my website about Summerlin Las Vegas Maps? Have I given them that? Yes or no? There’s 210 searches, a dollar per click, and it’s really low competition. So it might be a good idea for me to have a Summerlin Map on my website.

Generate Leads By Answering Questions

Now let me show you one that has to do with questions and this is a big one. I’ll type into my search engine, “How much does it cost to sell a house in Las Vegas?” and you can see that I hold the top two unpaid search results.

I sold four listings in just a couple of months from this one specific blog post. Some people don’t get listings the whole year from the internet and this one I got four in just a matter of weeks. That gets you thinking, what other content can I create that answers questions that other people are asking?

So if you scroll down further on your search results, you will find the ‘People Also Ask’ box – because people search in the form of a question all the time. They’re looking at how to do something. This is a big opportunity for those of you that want to make videos or want to create content or once run pay per click ads, or Facebook ads.

Let’s look at this one – “What is the going rate for a realtor?” We click on that. What happens is Google’s going to return a blog or an answer to the question that it believes is most relevant. In this case, it shows us a post that was written October 10th of 2012, which is a long time ago.

This tells me that we could write a better version of that answer. How you want to do that is take this question and I would go over to my website and I’m going to go to the blog portion of my website.

We’re going to have click New and we’re going to click Post and we’re going to type this into the title. Then I’m going to type in my little intro and then I’m going to put in a blog and I would basically answer it and say something like “Many clients ask us the question, what is the going rate for a realtor?”

I’m going to cover this answer as completely as I can and stop there. I’m not going to make this 3000 words long, instead, I’m going to link them to learn more information on other pages of my website.

Now, this is really cool – I’m going to add a button. I’m going to go insert a shortcode and I’m going to add a button. I have a preset button that I’ve already saved and it looks like this –

Now I can look at all these things I’ve done; I put in a video, I’ve answered the question, I’ve added a call to action with a link to an item of value and now I can capture leads.

Free Reports and Email Campaigns

Another way to do this you can offer a free report and then they register for your reports. You can do all this through Facebook ads for example, and you have your PDFs setup as an autoresponder and it automatically sends them the report. Lori Ballen

Then through your CRM database, you should have an email campaign set up that will target potential sellers. In my case, we use Infusionsoft and what we’re able to do is when a lead comes in, they get passed into our database and it immediately signs a tag based on how that lead came in and where it came from.

Was it an IDX buyer search? Was it a home value offer? Was it a free report? Was it them saying they want more information about this listing? It tags them a certain way and then based on that tag, our Infusionsoft system that we built for real estate automatically texts them or emails them and puts them on a series of lead cultivation pieces so that I’m not sitting there having to chase somebody all day.

Tools Mentioned In This Video

BREW (Ballen Real Estate Websites)

These websites are designed by agents for agents to solve pain points commonly experienced with many real estate agent websites, as well as increasing lead generation opportunities.

Tested and measured for results, these websites provide agents with a website ready for success.

Learn More Here

IDX Broker

This is a tool that connects with your MLS and showcases properties on your website in a clean and efficient way.

They also provide additional solutions such as home valuation forms, map searches, and more.

Learn More and Save $99 At Sign Up Here


This tool allows you to be able to analyze your website so you can optimize it for results.

See where your leads are coming from, what pages they viewed, how many visits you’re getting, and more!

Learn More Here


This is a more advanced tool, but many of our clients have signed up to utilize it due to the immense value it provides.

With this tool you can see where your website ranks for specific search terms, what pages are ranking, what keywords you should be going after, what your competition is ranking for, and so much more.

Learn More Here

Keywords Everywhere

This is a free extension for your web browser that provides you with more details on keywords that you type directly into the search engines, such as:

  • How many people are searching for that term
  • The cost per click for that term
  • Suggested similar keywords

Learn More Here

Shortcodes Ultimate

This is a tool that provides a variety of additional solutions for your WordPress website, such as:

  • Buttons
  • Video embed options
  • Testimonials
  • Dividers
  • Related Post Features
  • Lighbox calls to action
  • and many more.

Learn More Here

Listings to Leads

This is a tool that our team uses primarily for their home value estimator; However, it is much more powerful than that.

Connecting with your MLS, it provides a variety of call to action opportunities, as well as marketing opportunities for your listings.

Learn More and Get an Extended Free Trial Here


The Secret to Getting the Hot Leads You Might Be Missing
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The Secret to Getting the Hot Leads You Might Be Missing
Testing for real results through her own real estate business, Lori has an insight into the minds of real estate leads, what they are looking for, and what entices them to click over to your website so that they can become a registered lead. Every single day, there are potential leads surfing the web, and if you aren’t providing the information they need in a way that’s going to grab their attention and keep them hooked, then you’re going to miss them. In this video, Lori will be showing you how you can capture more leads from search engines with best practices you can begin implementing immediately.
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