Real Estate Website Marketing Platform PLUS Lead Nurture CRM System

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Ballen Real Estate Websites were built to resolve common pain points in the real estate industry. Without any contracts, these websites are able to go with you wherever your business journey takes you.

To help save time and money, we’ve infused a lead nurture system with your website that is made up of numerous campaigns to reach your leads through text message and email to generate a response so you can make the most out of your time with leads that are ready to get started.

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What’s Included?

All of the elements below are included with each of our real estate websites.

Showcase and Featured Community Pages are created based on your preference of which areas you would like to see showcased on your website. The number of areas will vary based on which BREW package you select.

Click each element to learn more about it.

  1. A WordPress Website with our House Blend Theme

    All of our real estate websites are set up using the WordPress platform for access to blogging, plugins, and page building, as well as providing you with the stability in knowing the website and content are yours to keep wherever your business journey takes you.

    The themes used for our BREW websites were built based on many years of real estate experience, as well as testing and measuring what works on a real estate website. Custom features such as our showcase pages are exclusive to BREW’s House Blend themes.

  2. Logo Placement

    This is your website, so we want to make sure it represents you properly. Send our team your logo and preferred color choices and we will make sure your BREW reflects you.

    This is important to ensure your branding is consistent with your other marketing channels.

  3. Color & Branding Details

    We’ll incorporate your name, address, phone number, email address, social channels and other suggested contact information throughout the website so visitors can instantly recognize you as the go-to real estate agent in their area.

  4. IDX Integration

    We integrate IDX Broker onto all of our websites. As developers, we have integrated the IDX tool into many elements of the theme.

    This also allows you to display properties, advanced search options, mortgage calculators, and more on your website.

  5. Tracking Integration

    In order to track and measure your website for results, our team will install Clicky Analytics (Or Google Analytics if you have an existing account) onto your website so it’s good to track from the moment it’s live.

  6. Introduction Pages

    We will create a page on your website that introduces you to potential clients, as well as a contact page, and a main landing page.

    These pages provide details about you to your website visitors to begin the relationship between you and potential clients.

  1. 4 Buyer/Seller Blogs

    These blogs provide information about buying/selling processes for visitors on your website.

    This allows you to have content right away when you market your website to potential clients once your website goes live.

  2. 1 Hyperlocal Blog

    A hyperlocal blog is a blog that discusses local events, activities, things to do, places to go, etc.

    This may include holiday events, farmers markets, etc. This helps show the visitors that you are the local expert for your area.

  3. Community Pages

    Community pages are pages on your website that provide information about a specific area, which include a description of the area, along with an IDX Widget displaying properties within that area for visitors to browse.

  4. Showcase Pages

    Showcase pages are pages on your website displaying homes for sale in a given area.

    These include an easy-to-navigate table at the top of the page for visitors to browse similar properties, other price ranges, other areas, and more.

  5. Access to Online Training Courses

    We are constantly adding training videos to our database to ensure that you are always up to date on the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing your business online.

You will also receive:

  1. Autopilot ISA Campaigns

    Autopilot ISA was designed to increase the engagement of your leads by more than 100% with lead followup automation.

    This includes a series of campaigns for both buyers and sellers to help save you both time and money on your lead nurture efforts.

  2. Market Update Campaign

    This campaign is designed to nurture your leads and keep them in the loop with what’s currently going on in your market.

    Not only will this keep your contacts engaged, but it will also work to drive traffic back to your website, which can help that page rank on search engines.

  1. Special Events Campaign

    This campaign is designed to cultivate relationships. People do business with people they know, or think they know – so creating meaningful relationships with your clients is key.

    By sending more personalized emails, you are going to continue to gain the trust of your clients so that when they are ready to buy or sell, you can be top-of-mind for them to reach out to.

  2. Sphere of Influence Campaign

    This campaign is designed to automate the nurturing process of your database. The users you put into this campaign are entirely up to you based on who you consider to be your SOI.

    This includes a series of emails and text messages to touch-base with your SOI and continue a relationship with those contacts.

  3. Sales Pipeline Campaign

    This campaign is designed to save you time throughout your sales pipeline process.

    This includes processes for both buyers and sellers and automates both updates to contact record details and sends notifications for the contact owner, so that assignments can be made simply and easily for contact & agent management throughout the sales process.

*Within 30-days after your BREW goes live, you will also have the opportunity to request modifications to your website, such as contact information updates, logo changes, team page updates, etc.

After the 30-days, modifications may have a charge associated. Training videos for modifications and how to utilize your BREW are available on our YouTube channel

Choose Your Infused BREW

  • Light Blend Setup
  • $3,997
  • Full CRM w/ Campaigns
  • A full WordPress website
  • Your Choice of BREW Theme
  • Branding Application
  • IDX & Tracking Integration
  • 5 Pages of Blog Content
  • 3 Featured Community Pages
  • 30 Showcase IDX Pages
  • Medium Blend setup
  • $4,497
  • Full CRM w/ Campaigns
  • A full WordPress website
  • Your Choice of BREW Theme
  • Branding Application
  • IDX & Tracking Integration
  • 5 Pages of Blog Content
  • 5 Featured Community Pages
  • 75 Showcase IDX Pages
  • Bold Blend setup
  • $4,997
  • Full CRM w/ Campaigns
  • A full WordPress website
  • Your Choice of BREW Theme
  • Branding Application
  • IDX & Tracking Integration
  • 5 Pages of Blog Content
  • 7 Featured Community Pages
  • 95 Showcase IDX Pages

Don’t Need a CRM?

Check out our Standard BREW Packages

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Monthly Utilities

To keep BREW affordable for agents, we set out with a goal of having the monthly utilities used with the BREW being $389/month

  1. What are monthly utilities?

    Monthly utilities are the systems required for your BREW to be able to function properly, as well as providing you with the most optimal foundation for success with your website.

    These utilities (with the exception of our hosting plans) are paid to the utility provider directly so you have full control of your website and the programs included with it.

  2. Do I have to sign up for these, or do you do it for me?

    The programs that you will need to sign up with directly are:

    This is due to the fact that IDX Broker and Listings to Leads need personal verification in order to connect with your MLS that can only be done directly through you.

    The paid clicky account will require your credit card information, which is why we recommend that you set it up directly and simply pass the login credentials along to our setup team so that we can integrate it into your BREW.

  3. When do I need to sign up for these utilities?

    You will need to sign up for IDX Broker and Listings to Leads directly following your BREW purchase.

    This is to ensure that the accounts are set up in a timely manner for our team to integrate them into your website. These utilities take approximately 1 week to go through the verification process.

    It is recommended to sign up for Clicky and Google Search Console at that time, as well, but this can be done any time within the 1st week after you make your BREW purchase.

IDX Broker

IDX Broker is the tool we utilize to display properties and advanced searches on your website for lead capture.

When you click the button below to sign up for IDX Broker, the $100 setup fee will be waived.

Sign up for IDX Broker Here

Infusionsoft CRM

We set you up with an integrated CRM with campaigns for lead nurturing and marketing success already installed and ready to use.

Pricing starts at $199/month based on # of contacts and users you would like to add.

Learn More Here

Clicky Analytics

We install Clicky Analytics onto our websites so that you can track and measure how your website is performing.

This tool is free; however, we recommend the lowest paid plan to ensure you are not limited with your tracking.

Sign up for Clicky Analytics Here


We get you set up with TurboDial, which allows for your campaigns to include automated text messaging, as well as the ability to use your computer to call and text clients individually.

Learn More Here

What Does the Website Setup Process Look Like?


Choose Your Infused BREW

The first step in getting started is choosing a BREW package that fits your business needs.

If you aren’t sure, you can contact our team at 702-917-0755 and we’d be happy to help determine which package fits best.

View BREW Package Options Here >


Set Up Your Utilities

Your BREW requires some utilities in order to be set up properly. To view which utilities are needed along with links to free trials and instant savings up on sign-up, click here to view the monthly utilities for your real estate website.


Website Setup, Infusionsoft Setup & Integration

Building your website and setting up your integrations will take our team approximately 3-4 weeks.

This timeframe is based upon our team receiving all utility login credentials within the first week of purchasing your website.

You will receive updates throughout the setup process so you know exactly where our team is at in the process of building your website, as well as setting up your CRM and campaigns.



Our team’s goal is to have your website to you for review by week 4, as long as all utilities have been registered for and set up within the necessary timeframe.

At this time, you will be able to request modifications to your website.

Please keep in mind that requested modifications will take our team 1-3 business days to complete.



Once you have approved your website, our team will make it live for you.

We have a Marketing Mastermind Facebook group that you can join to mastermind, share ideas, and ask questions regarding online marketing strategies.

We also have a support team that is available at for any questions you may have.

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