How to Navigate Your Infusionsoft CRM

Jeff Helvin with Ballen Brands shows you how to navigate Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is a pretty powerful tool and there’s a lot that you can do in the system.

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Infusionsoft Dashboard

Realistically, you’re probably going to use about 20% of the functions on a regular basis, but then, of course, everything else is still available for you to use at a high level as you continue to get more engaged with the system. What I want to do here is just show you a quick little rundown of where things are. Once you log into Infusionsoft, it’s going to take you right to your dashboard. I want to show you where we’re going to access different items.


The two places that I like to keep people that are using Infusionsoft are going to be on the dashboard of course, where you land first and also the My Day section.


This really gives you a much clearer look at what you need to do today as far as tasks that you’ve set for yourself, opportunities that you have to pursue and so forth. The My Day section and dashboard are really where I’d like to see everyone live. This is where you have the most opportunity to keep on points where you should spend your time. Now as far as configuration and additional setup items, everything is accessed under the Infusionsoft icon up on the top. That’s going to drop down the screen that gives you access to all of the different sections that you can use in Infusionsoft.

Customize Your View

We have the e-commerce, some admin features, marketing functions and CRM functions. This is really how Infusionsoft is broken down. If you don’t have e-commerce enabled or there are different things that you have, you may not see all of the links, but this is where they’re going to be. Under there you actually have the ability to edit your own navigation to pull in places that you need to access quickly, so if you wanted to you could actually pull the campaign builder over there and pull over products so it actually gives you some customizations to make this like your hot buttons or your hot points.


With the dashboard and My Day being easily accessed, then you navigate into these other sections as you need different items.


Under the CRM you are able to look up contacts and add new contacts. You can actually manage companies as well. There are opportunities that are attached to contacts. There are referral partners that you can set up. If you run that kind of a business and then you can also see some of the visitors’ settings.


Additionally, there are reports that are specific to your context and the CRM portion of the system, and there are different settings that can be set as well. The marketing and the campaign builder is really where we build a lot of the automation that happens in the system. There are emails and broadcasts of course, so if you are sending out emails to your database, this is where you’re going to go to access that, under the marketing tab.


Lead Generation

There’s lead generation which gives you a different set of options in order to set up forms and other capture items and there are templates that control your emails and broadcasts.  There’s what they call “Legacy”, which are actions that used to live in Infusionsoft that still do. They still work in Infusionsoft, however, they’ve built new ways to interact.


Under “Legacy” there’s something called an “Action Set” which allows us to actually set up: ‘If this happens, then do that’ and ‘if this matches this criterion, then have these things happen after”

That’s actually handled mostly in Campaign Builder now, but they do still have that action and activity existing in Infusionsoft and of course under reports.  Under Marketing there’s a report section as well, so you can run reports specific to your marketing efforts and then additional settings in Marketing as well.

E-Commerce and Users

The e-commerce allows you to set up your payment integrations, see your orders, add products, perform actions, run promotions, and again, Legacy for some of the different features and with the reports and their settings specific to e-commerce.


The admin section allows you to manage logos and other things that are related to your business as a whole. That will show up in other parts of the system, billing and account information that’s on file with Infusionsoft.


We’ve got our users, so this shows us who is active in our system or who we have set up to access our system. We can import data from other systems and then we could also do a data cleanup, which is nice. This allows us to check for duplicates and essentially find records where we can clean up the data that we have pulled in. Finally, we have “Reports for Admin” which includes task activity, task notes, and note reports that can look things up and set different criteria.  We have settings for the admin as well. 


You have the ability to enable the microphone so you can actually talk instead of having to type everything. Under home is where you’re going to see your different tools, basic training, how to help your initial setup and your dashboard. Of course, your My Day calendar tasks and then your inbox and files.  If you have this integrated with Gmail, you have the most recent items accessed.

Favorites and the Help Center

Just as you customize your navigation, you can also set up favorites so you can add quick links to certain sections of Infusionsoft. The marketplace is where you’re able to go and put third-party campaigns. Sometimes they’re for a price and sometimes they’re free templates. The marketplace is a good place to go find, third-party applications that will help you get more out of Infusionsoft.

Then they have it broken down into applications, campaigns, and different services. There is your actual profile, which simply has your name and you can manage different accounts or you can log out. 

They have a really useful help center with a community blog that you’re able to access and ask questions.

The help center has screenshots and step by step information and the ability to join a local user group. User groups are available where they meet once a month and you guys talk about Infusionsoft.  They discuss how you’re using it and where you want to go from there. They also have an online chat feature, which is extremely useful.  If you have simple questions such as adding this or I can’t find that or where do I change this? Then the online chat is a useful tool for you. On the top right, you have your actual search.

Search Feature

This is where you are able to search contacts. You start to type in a name and it pulls up contacts that match. You can also search company records, task and note appointments.  The search also works for orders, subscriptions, other referral partners and opportunities that you have in the system. This search appears as really the quickest way to find something you are trying to gain access.

This might be one of the quickest and best ways to find something so you don’t have to fumble around.

They also have a quick add option, so you very simply just add the name, email and phone number and choose the number type and save. You can also customize this form and add very specific types of things. Let’s say you want to add an address as well. You always want to have that easily accessible here because maybe you always require addresses in your system.  If that’s the case, you can customize your forms to actually include addresses as well.

There’s really a lot you can get into in the system and the system can be tailored more to you. There are many different areas that you can get into as you, with all of these different options.  Realistically you’re going to utilize a certain set of features the most. You want to get very comfortable with those, but still, know how to access the rest of the areas in the system as well.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. You can email us at and we look forward to helping you and we’d love to be able to help you with your Infusionsoft needs.

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How to Navigate Your Infusionsoft CRM
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How to Navigate Your Infusionsoft CRM
Jeff Helvin with Ballen Brands shows you how to navigate Infusionsoft. Today we wanted to show you a quick little rundown of where everything is.
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