Training Topics


√ Setup
√ Theme Installation
√ Plugin Options & Installation
√ Creating Pages & Posts
√ Menu Bar Optimization


√ Keyword Research
√ Optimization
√ Offers
√ Image Optimization
√ Related Articles

Community Pages

√ Building the Hierarchy
√ Applying IDX Widgets
√ Navigation Tables

Social Media

√ Creating a Facebook Page
√ Platform Setup
√ Post Creation
√ Page Optimization

And More!

There are many topics that our training team can work with and training sessions are very highly structured around The Ballen Method topics and lessons. It is highly recommended that you have The Ballen Method prior to registering for training sessions. View more details and get The Ballen Method here.

"I just finished my 1 on 1 with Sabrina. Great info and what a wonderful person she is. Intelligent, funny and very patient." - Sandy Williams

Training Options

One-on-One with Our Tech Trainers

When you’re ready to bang your head against a brick wall and pull your hair out, you’ve waited too long to reach out! Our team of Tech Trainers can help! Their extensive background in technology, remarkable communication skills, and patience like no other, position them to help you unwind the knots you tie yourself into trying to manage big projects alone. Whether you’re wrestling with WordPress, beating yourself up over blogging, cringing over community pages, or struggling with social media, they can guide you through each process, step-by-step, with clarity and compassion. Ballen Method members who want to excel in their curriculum also benefit profoundly from a little one-on-one with with our tech team. When you register, you will be assigned a tech trainer based on your current needs.

Save yourself the anguish of trying to be a one-man-show and let our team lend a hand to make things easier for you.


Sessions start at $249. These sessions are done in a webinar style format using screen sharing to work through questions and marketing processes. The sessions are recorded and playbacks will be provided in a private study hall on the Ballen Academy website


Sessions start at $199/month for one 1-hour session per month. These sessions are done in a webinar style format using screen sharing to work through questions and marketing processes. The sessions are recorded and playbacks will be provided in a private study hall on the Ballen Academy website

Need Something More?

Buckle up for safety ‘cause this is one heck of a ride! Learning with Lori at this advanced level can be absolutely mind melting in the most beautiful ways. One hour with Lori can quite literally change your entire perspective on business, life, and everything in between. Although personable, comical, and pleasurable, Lori will not waste on solitary moment on pleasantries, idle chat, or social courtesies. When you enter the Ballen-sphere, chances are, you’ll be fundamentally changed for the better. Roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking cap, and prepare to be transported into areas you’ve never imagined.

Get ready for spreadsheets, methodical processes, mathematical formulas, tracking, measuring, accountability, and a no-excuses, take no prisoners mindset. Enter this coaching with caution and make sure you’ve leveled up before stepping into the ring. Try out a training session or two with Sabrina before you even think about scheduling coaching with Lori.

Need Some Guidance on What Training You Need, or Where You Should Start?

When you don’t know what you don’t know, that’s the time to reach out to Jeff, our chief operating officer. When there are too many options, it can be paralyzing. Option overload inhibits your ability to make good decisions. This consultation is not about sales. In fact, many of our associates will tell you we care more about YOU than we do about the sale. Bottom line. We will not sell you what you don’t need.

When you’re unclear of your direction, uncertain about the possibilities, or curious about various avenues, Jeff is your man. He can pin down problem areas, highlight potential solutions, and point you in the right direction - even if that direction is away from our products and services!

Ballen Brands is a digital marketing company helping business professionals rise above the noise. But we didn’t set out with that as our destination. Our original path, and one that now aligns with our bigger picture, is in real estate.

As a real estate professional, Lori Ballen entered the arena at ground zero. As a newbie in the industry, Lori fell haphazardly into marketing her business online. In fact, she lovingly refers to that portion of her journey as failing forward. Through trial and tribulation, she floundered until she found her way. But once she found her way (or should we say INVENTED?) her way became known as The Ballen Method and is highly sought after by other real estate professionals. The Ballen Method is a digital marketing curriculum outlining and detailing all of the DYI methods Lori applied when growing her real estate business organically. And yes, she still practices those methods to this day.

You see, we did not develop a product and then search for an audience to whom we could sell it. Quite the opposite, we evolved with the needs of our peers to provide a high quality experience. This is why, even when you look, you won’t find a sales team at Ballen Brands. We have trainers, coaches, business developers, creatives, and techies. But no salesman.