What is Included?


The AutoPilot ISA campaign is an automated lead nurture campaign for real estate agents that will work to make sure that your leads are being communicated with regularly over a 12-month span. We’ll set you up with an entire year’s worth of communication with potential leads. AutoPilot ISA triggers strategic, timely correspondence throughout an entire year - and the content is already plugged in for you. There’s no need to bang your head on the keyboard trying to craft sales pitches that may or may not work. We’ve got you covered!


We’ve structured with friendly, welcoming, verbiage as well as multiple links to entice a simple response from your lead. The goal is to get the lead to respond and interact by saying they are interested, not ready yet, already have an agent, or would like to stop further communication. Stop chasing dead leads and begin communicating with ready and willing buyers and sellers.


You know it’s true - you’re far more likely to look at your phone when it blings with a text message alert than you are to open an email. The good news is, we’re almost all wired that same way! That’s why the AutoPilot ISA’s built in text message capabilities are such an intelligent way to reach out to potential clients. The text message responders in the AutoPilot ISA campaign work in conjunction with email communications, and then send you an alert when it’s time to take personal action to seal the deal.


The AutoPilot ISA system integrates with Infusionsoft. When you already have Infusionsoft, we just plug in our systems and power up your campaign. If you don’t have Infusionsoft, we can either help you obtain it, or host your campaign on our servers. With multiple options, there’s nothing stopping you from implementing your own AutoPilot ISA and communicating with leads like a superstar.

How Does It Work?

With AutoPilot ISA, you’ve got an automated inside sales agent that will respond to leads with intelligent emails and text messages. AutoPilot ISA is a comprehensive email and text message conversion plan designed to communicate with leads immediately and consistency through a designed process: Arrival, Survival, Revival! Instead of chasing the lead with manual phone calls, text messages, and emails, let the AutoPilot ISA campaign do it for you. When the lead responds, you can take it away from there!

Below is an example of a lead that responded to one of our automated text messages in the campaign. Our team then took over with live text messages to find out more details on what they were looking for, time frame, and to get them to "yes" for our team to help them find a house and sell their existing one from there.


of Americans use text messaging at least once a day


of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes

Over 75%

of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns


of email marketing revenue comes from automated email campaigns

The question isn’t why should you employ an automated system for communicating with leads, but why shouldn’t you? It’s not a matter of what do you have to gain, but what you might lose! We’ve reached the age of automation. It’s time to take full advantage of the resources presented in modern technology. You can bet your bottom dollar your competitors are!

Why be a slave to your phone and computer when automation can free up  your time for clients who are ready to take action? You don’t need an entire team of communicators to chase leads. You just need one AutoPilot ISA that can do the legwork for you.

Through intelligent mechanics, the AutoPilot ISA works on an if this, then that premise. The context of messages are not bland sales pitches or questions that prompt simple yes or no questions. Your emails and text messages are constructed in such a way as to provoke intelligent responses, engage in communication, and nurture the lead to the point it is ready for you to intercept.


Choose Your Autopilot

Already Have Infusionsoft

If you already have Infusionsoft, you can choose to make a one time purchase of the Autpilot ISA campaign, or subscribe to a monthly membership. We'll set it up and the campaign will do the rest!

**The monthly membership includes a one-time setup fee of $495. Once the campaign has been setup, the monthly membership will begin**

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