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Why Blog on my Website?

Blogs are built into your website so you can post numerous pieces of content that provide value to your website visitors.

Blogs are a top source of marketing that has been proven to rank websites higher on search engines through purposeful marketing strategies applied to these blogs.

Blog content can be time sensitive and evergreen, depending on the nature of the blog post you are writing, which may include information pieces, training articles, product promotion, event promotion, and more.

Why Hire Us for Your Website Content and SEO?

Ballen Brands uses tested and proven methods in our blogs that have been proven to increase search engine ranking thus providing a higher opportunity for getting more leads on your website.

In the blogs we create, we include:

Unique Content that our team creates specifically for you based on the blog topic requested.

Keyword optimized headings to help search engines recognize you as an authority for those topics and increase the chances of your blog being seen by people searching for those keywords (or similar) on search engines.

Visual components such as optimized images, color blocks, quotes, etc. to help break up the text provide a great visual experience for your visitors.

Paragraph and text formatting for your readers based on what has been tested and measured to keep readers engaged.

Internal linking to other relevant pages on your website (if applicable). This helps keep your visitors engaged, and staying on your website. The longer they stay, and more they click around, the higher chance of them becoming a lead AND finding your website again should they decide to leave.

A Table of Contents which has been tested to increase interaction with your blog, provide ease of use for your visitors, and even helps with ranking on search engines. *this feature is exclusive to unlocked WordPress websites.

Dividers with “Back to Top” links which help make it easier to digest the content, navigate your article, and reduces the bounce rate on your page (high bounce rates = bad reputation with search engines, resulting in lower rankings).

Back-End Optimization in which we determine the title, description, and URL that visitors see when your blog appears on search engines. This is a crucial step in getting visitors on the search engine results page (SERP) to be interested enough to click through to your website to read more.

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Client Reviews

You know when you started blogging with your website it was kinda like a blind faith thing? I have to say that I moved and changed markets based on faith the lead gen with my own website and providing valuable content would hopefully pay off. Lori Ballen, I am not sure I ever told you but you were instrumental in giving me the courage to move into a brand new real estate market with the faith that this one day would pay off. Well…So far this, I can attribute $25,800 in sales from blogging. This is only the end of the first quarter. My website and domain are only 3 years old. No PPC campaigns. Just the power of a keyboard and content. To say that once your website is fed and nurtured, ads ran, etc this just expands into something truly had no clue how successful it would be. Yes, I did the time. Yes, I invested$ heavily in learning. But it is paying off exponentially.
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Sandy Williams
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Sandy Williams