Real Estate Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential buyer and seller pages to generate leads that will help grow your business.

Open House

Real Estate Landing Page: Open House

This allows you to provide a list of upcoming open houses to potential buyers.

Featured Property

Real Estate Landing Page: Featured Property

Feature your best listing in a landing page to create exposure and generate potential buyers.

* Listings to Lead subscription required.

Homes For Sale Hot List

Real Estate Landing Page: Hot List of Homes For Sale

Showcase the hottest homes for sale in your market to entice buyers.

Nearby Sold Homes

Real Estate Landing Page: Nearby Sold Homes

This is a win-win for both buyer and seller lead generation. Show your buyers what they can expect to pay for homes for sale in the area, and provide sellers with data showing what their home could sell for.

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Real Estate Landing Pages

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(Listings to Leads subscription required)

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