BREW is the acronym for Ballen Real Estate Websites. These real estate agent websites are WordPress Powered and IDX driven buyer and seller lead generation systems.

Built by a real estate agent (Lori Ballen) for real estate agents, the BREW is SEO friendly and offers options that include a complete CRM.

Call or text 702.917.0755 for a demo.

Sample: Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Website (BREW)

Which BREW (Ballen Real Estate Website) Package is Right for You?

Sabrina, Marketing Director for Ballen Brands shows you how to determine which BREW package is the best for you. The differences between our BREW packages are focused on the number of featured community pages and the number of showcase IDX Broker pages that are included.

Infusionsoft Has Done it Again with Lead Capture

nfusionsoft recently launched their brand new landing pages for lead capture. These new landing pages are simple to use, edit, and set up so you can begin marketing the pages for new leads.

The Best Real Estate Agent Website with IDX – Finally!

The best real estate agent website might be defined differently by each real estate agent and probably by each customer. In many cases, what the real estate agent thinks makes the best website isn’t what the visitor would say. 

BREW Marketing Strategies, Tips, and Tools

In May of 2018, a group of BREW members got together for a hands-on event hosted by Lori Ballen and the Ballen Brands team. During this event, many wonderful tips, tricks, and strategies were shared, discussed, and implemented.

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