Facebook Ads

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are a way to get in front of your ideal audience to generate leads through niche targeted advertisements for products, services, and information that is relevant to them.

When you sign up with Ballen Brands there are  no contracts.

It’s affordable, and there are no minimum investments

It can grow your audience and raise awareness of your brand

It can get you leads in a short amount of time

It can be tested and measured for higher conversion

Facebook Advertising

Our team currently uses Facebook ads for our services because it allows you to specifically target what your intended audience may be looking for.

By targeting particular demographics that may have an interest in your offering, you are increasing your opportunity to reach those that may not know how to find you.

This provides a higher opportunity for them to engage with you and ultimately get something of value from what you offer.

What Do Facebook Ads Look Like?

Facebook ads appear in the “News Feed” of your intended audience.

When you pay for Facebook ads, you are paying for impressions, and the cost per impression may vary based on how in-demand the audience is, your geographic location, as well as the quality score of your ad.

A/B Testing with ad copy, images and audiences.

Multiple variations of your ads will be created, deployed and tested in order to get the most out of your budget. Ads are monitored and adjusted based on metrics that will help you convert more views into leads.

We will continuously optimize the ads to target new business. Cross platform optimization allows us to assess when ads are most effective.

Get Started


Our team will help get your account set up and provide ongoing advertising for your business.

We will test and measure to see what is providing you with the best results so that you are getting the best value for your dollar.

This service is only $500 to set up, then $520/mo. for ad spend and management.

Have More Questions?

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