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Hello, Jeff Helvin here with Ballen Brands and today I wanted to show you a simple follow up sequence that’ll help you get in touch with more people than you may be currently getting in touch with.

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A Quick Follow Up [30-Day] Campaign

What we have here is a quick follow-up campaign. It’s a 30-day campaign and it’s actually intended for let’s say you go to a business luncheon or a networking event but basically you get a hold of probably 6, 7, 12, it doesn’t matter how many but just a number of business cards and the people that you want to follow up with.

What we find is that it’s difficult sometimes to follow up in bulk and people respond to different things so most the time we find that we just don’t follow up with them and of course that is not ideal.

With this little easy campaign, I’ve actually found that we get a hold of 8 out of 10 people and can actually have a dialogue with them following up after some sort of initial contact.

Infusionsoft Campain Sequence

What I’m showing you here is actually Infusionsoft but this campaign of course as long as your CRM system can handle this would be something that you can set up pretty much anywhere as long as you have the same types of features. And when I wrap up here I’ll explain why we use Infusionsoft over some of the other CRMs but hopefully this can help you.

So basically what we have is we launch the campaign and then when we get into the sequence we’re going to wait five minutes and then run on any weekday between 8 & 6 p.m.

The goal here is to make this look authentic because this is effectively what I’d like to do for each person. I’m just using technology to help me automate the process a little bit more.

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Follow Up Email

So after that 5 minutes if it’s between 8 & 6 p.m. on a weekday it’s going to send this email and again part of the email content is also what helps the actual connection with people.

In this case, it’s just for the subject line it says “Great meeting you!” and we use their First Name so that we get more deliverability.

And then we say “hi so-and-so. Happy day of the week,” this makes it look a little more authentic as well because in this case we can say “Happy Tuesday,” Happy Thursday,” something like that and it’s more original. “It was great to meet you. I hope we have a chance to connect again soon and see how we may be able to work together. Would you have some time next week for a phone call?”

Basically, what we find this is the first connection maybe I met them last night maybe it’s two days ago. Ideally, it’s pretty much the next day then we give them some answers “Yes. let’s connect” or “Maybe another time” we find that people will give us a response as long as it’s one or two responses.

If we just leave it open as an email without giving them those clicks to actually respond to you then they’re not likely to take the time to go up to their email browser click reply and give us a message why they may or may not want to connect.

And to be honest most of the time this first touch will be overlooked whether it’s because their email gets filtered out or whether we just get lost in their email or it’s just not important to them right now.

We don’t get as many responses to this as we might in the next touch that you’re going to see so then I also put in there “in the meantime feel free to explore more about Ballen Brands and how we may be able to help you or your clients and colleagues from websites to Google, Facebook Ads, blogging, CRMs and more.”

We want to take this opportunity to still document what we do so that they have that lingering we might touch them or hit them on a particular keyword that’s effective for them.

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Follow Up Text

If they don’t click any of those links or don’t respond then six days later at 11:15 we’re going to send a follow-up text.

So in this case, it says down here is where the message would be like “Hi Jeff, just touching base again. Did you have time for us to connect.” And then, of course, leave my name so they know who it is.

Now keep in mind that a lot of times they didn’t see this email, and their probably not used to people following up. Frankly, that’s the nature of the industry that we work in or the noise that we live in today in the business world.

A lot of times this may be actually the first communication that they’re getting from us so you’re going to get responses like who’s this, I don’t recall you, but the point is is that we’re trying to get a response once, then we get a chance to introduce ourselves.

So far any responses I’ve gotten to this are something like “Oh yeah, that’s great let’s follow up” or something like that. I get who’s this and I explain who it was and they seemed very appreciative of the connection.

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Follow Up Task

Reaching out so again whether this is their first actual touch if they got the email or not it’s still an effective way to get them to communicate with us.

We’re going to wait eight days and run on a weekday at 8 a.m. where we create ourselves a task to manually follow up with a phone call so if the automated email didn’t work, if the automated text message didn’t work, then there’s going to be an actual task.

In this case, it shows call so-and-so and we just say as they have not responded to our networking follow-up campaign and we give ourselves a task so that now becomes an actual personal touch. Depending on your CRM, there are ways to hook up voice drops where it can leave them voicemails as well so those are also options.

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Simple Follow Up Three Touches

A simple little follow-up three touches over the course of really a few weeks just depending on how long you want to space that out what kind of connection you’re trying to make and we find that’s a very effective way.

We actually get to communicate and establish either meetings or feedback it may not be a good fit that type of thing with eight out of ten of the people that we meet. When in the past to be very honest I might only connect with two of them it just depends on who I had a better connection with when I met them so this is giving us obviously a lot more opportunity to work our database which of course is the goal here.

Sphere of Influence Campaign

And the last thing that we do with this is we then put them on to a long term an actual annual multi-touch campaign for this we call it a sphere of influence campaign.

Basically, its people that maybe you’re not doing business with or you just have some casual dialogue with but we’re making sure to keep in front of them and keep in touch.

So whether that they have any immediate value or not it’s good to keep in touch with them because the more we can get our message out the more we can build or with someone the more likely it is we’re going to do business with them.

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Ways to Stop a Campaign

We use Infusionsoft. One of the reasons why we like Infusionsoft over a lot of other CRM is there’s a lot of “if this then that” type of statements that we can write in here and program in here.

For example, this campaign will run until one of these goals is achieved and we have the system apply tags such as to a contact has been achieved we’ve set a meeting they said they’re not interested in connecting any of these options here are ultimately ways to stop this campaign.

So if they respond to this first email then the rest of these will not go out it’s not something I have to run to the system and make sure to stop or take them off of which is very valuable.

Additionally, if they were to click on say one of the links in the emails for example we have the option for the email please call well that’s going to add a note on their record to say that they click that link then it’s going to create a task for me to follow up with that person and then its going to apply a couple of tags as well.

Again adding them to our sphere of influence and making sure that that campaign is stopped then we have the maybe another time and then I also have one where I could track the whether or not they clicked our Ballen Brands link in the first email just to see if maybe their although they weren’t ready to communicate with me here.

They were interested in checking out more information so these are all different ways to again kind of track the interaction that’s going on so that we know who to communicate with and basically who to leave alone.

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Keep in Touch & Build Rapport

Hopefully, this is helpful to you in in your day to day business when you’re meeting people getting more people to make more touches to your database whether you’re in real estate whether you’re in design work, landscaping, etc.

This is a great way to you’re meeting people and want to followup with them and see how you two may be able to connect with each other whether it’s direct services or just great referrals this is a great way to keep in touch and help build rapport with the contacts that you’re meeting and you put your database.

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