Highly Recommend

Love my new website created by the Ballen Team. Thanks so much and thanks for all the assistance along the way and always answering questions, even after going live. Highly recommend.

Claudia Nelson

Simply Amazed

Simply amazed at the talent of Lori Ballen, Jeff Helvin, Sabrina Wekerleand Paul. The best way to describe them is they “are the real deal”! We attended our 2nd hands-on workshop in Vegas last week. This one was on SEO implementation. NOT an easy topic! But, Lori and crew seamlessly shared many, many topics to implement while at the same time making it easy to understand. These guys are genuine in their interests of helping others. Plug in to what Lori teaches and you’ll see you business expand exponentially. With Lori Ballen, one of the best trainers and SEO coaches out there, you owe it to your business to plug in and shake up your real estate business in a big way. My hats off to you guys!! Love being part of your world.

Julie Zintsmaster


Michael Shetler

30 minutes after getting up and running with AutoPilot ISA, I received my first response to an automated text. Ballen Brands, your suite of products is genius!!

Michael Shetler

Game Changing

Love the community pages. It’s so ez to make them look great on a BREW site. I had a Real Geeks site for 6 years. Have built several WP sites on Thesis theme. All of those sites were great. I made money with them. I have to say that what you have done with the Ballen BREW sites is game changing. Kind of like Amazon is to Sears, or Netflix is to Blockbuster. These videos are more than icing on the cake. They are just as important (if not more) than the websites you are building. The wealth of content you and your team post makes it simple to climb to the top in our respective markets. Thanks to all of you at Ballen. I’m over the moon with my new site!

John Cunningham


Sandy Williams

You know when you started blogging with your website it was kinda like a blind faith thing? I have to say that I moved and changed markets based on faith the lead gen with my own website and providing valuable content would hopefully pay off.

Lori Ballen I am not sure I ever told you but you were instrumental in giving me the courage to move into a brand new real estate market with the faith that this one day would pay off.

Well…So far this, I can attribute $25,800 in sales from blogging. This is only the end of first quarter. My website and domain are only 3 years old. No PPC campaigns. Just the power of a keyboard and content.

To say that once your website is fed and nurtured, ads ran, etc this just expands into something truly had no clue how successful it would be.

Yes, I did the time. Yes, I invested$ heavily in learning. But it is paying off exponentially.

Sandy Williams

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Ballen Brands is a family-owned, agent-driven, dynamic digital marketing company specializing in strategies, tools, and resources to guide real estate agents and small to medium businesses to success.

Lori Ballen

Lori Ballen

Founder | Digital Marketing Strategist

As a marketing guru, Lori Ballen, the founder of Ballen Brands, developed products to solve her own needs in business, real estate lead generation, and website productivity. Lori has spent years building successful businesses in a variety of fields. Her true passion is in lead generation, online marketing, product development, team-building, and teaching.

Jeff Helvin

Jeff Helvin

Owner | Chief Operating Officer

Jeff develops Ballen Brands products and services based on customer feedback and Lori’s intensive research on what’s working in the industry today. Connecting with clients, Jeff provides assurance, confidence, and high-quality products & services.

Paul Helvin

Paul Helvin

Owner | Chief Business Officer

Coming from a successful background in the sales and service industry, Paul is determined to help others find the best marketing solutions for their business, as his #1 goal is the success of his clients.