10 Best CMA Creators for Real Estate [2021]

A comparative market analysis is a detailed report that compares the current and past sales activity of a property to nearby properties. It’s an essential tool for real estate agents who need to make the best offer on behalf of their clients, but it can be difficult to create one. Luckily there are plenty of tools out there that will help you do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to spend hours looking through MLS listings and building your own spreadsheet. Here’s what you need to know about finding the right CMA creator for you.

It’s important to set up an accurate CMA so you can provide your clients with the best possible information. It helps them determine how much their property is worth and whether or not they should sell it. However, creating a CMA isn’t always easy to do – especially for those who are new to real estate!

What is a CMA?

A Comparative Market Analysis is a report that shows the reasonable value of a house, or sets of houses, by taking into consideration several factors. A CMA includes data about:

  • Currently listed homes in your area
  • Current asking prices of homes in your area
  • Recently sold homes
  • Asking prices vs. selling prices of homes
  • The length of time on the market
  • The average price of homes in your area
  • Neighborhood amenities like schools, shopping, transportation, and recreation opportunities.
  • Price reductions over time

You’ll also want to keep track of timeframes for each statistic you use. Comparable properties are within six months or one year of the subject home’s date of sale, depending on the industry standard in your area.

The amount of detail you provide about recent transactions is up to you but providing more detailed information gives buyers and sellers a better idea of what they can expect in current market conditions.

When Do You Need a CMA?

Real estate agents use a CMA to help sellers determine a competitive asking price for their homes and also to help buyers understand fair market value so they know how much home their budget can buy. This is particularly important for buyers who are considering multiple properties.

A CMA can also help sellers determine if their home has sold in a reasonable amount of time and how it compares to the market at that price.

Most Agents Offer a Free CMA to Clients

Establishing value is an essential part of every real estate agent’s job, so most agents offer a free comparative market analysis to their clients when they list the home.

Some will also provide a CMA for buyers if they are thinking about making an offer on another property. It’s important to know what you’re getting before you use any tool, so be sure to ask how your CMA is formatted and whether or not it includes sales data.

Depending on the complexity of your needs, there are several different types of tools that will give you access to this information.

How to Manually Create a Free Real Estate CMA

If you don’t want to spend money on CMA software, there are still ways for you to create and save your own reports.

Use a spreadsheet: This is the most customizable real estate CMA you can make, but it’s also the most time-consuming. You’ll need to create an entirely new spreadsheet for each comparable property and fill in every field manually, including the date sold, purchase price, sale price, as well as specific amenities of the home such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms.

Use Google Sheets: If spreadsheets aren’t really your style, then try using Google Sheets instead! It’s easy to use, and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of. Just be careful to set all of your cells to “protected” if you don’t want anyone editing them by accident.

  • Assess the neighborhood conditions
  • Check estimates of property values on the Internet
  • Collect comparable sales
  • Get a list of all homes that sold in the area within the last six months
  • Identify homes on the market that are comparable to the one you’re selling or showing.
  • Assess the current market trends

What Are the Benefits of Using a CMA Creator?

You’ll save time and money by using a CMA creator. It’s much easier to let someone else do all of the research for you than it is to comb through MLS listings on your own.

When you use an automated tool, not only will you have access to accurate local data, but you’ll also have the ability to make side comparisons with home values in surrounding neighborhoods.

There are two major benefits that come with spending money on a real estate CMA creator:

First, the tool will provide you with more information about current market conditions and trends. Second, You’ll have access to reports that are easy to share with your client.

What to Look for in a CMA Software for Agents

A good CMA software will include:

  • Detailed breakdowns, especially of property square footage
  • The ability to search for properties by location or map grid
  • Ability to view sales history data with dates and prices for comparables
  • The ability to view all the relevant property information like square footage, amenities, or nearby transit
  • Specifics about recent sales such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and size in square footage
  • Ability to save your work for later reference
  • A rudimentary CMA template can be created using a spreadsheet program, but you’ll quickly outgrow it if you have more than 20 properties to analyze at once. There are plenty of programs that do most of the organizing for you so, looking for software that downloads directly into your MLS is always a good idea. Finding one that’s easy to use is even better!
  • You want something intuitive where you don’t have to spend hours learning how to operate it before being able to create compelling reports on behalf of your clients.

10 CMA Generators for Real Estate Agents

One: Cloud CMA

Cloud CMA is ideal for agents who want to create, analyze, and manage their comparative market analyses without difficulty or complicated processes. It features a fast, simple interface with no download required, so you can get started right away using your browser.

Cloud CMA offers a number of pre-made reports, including visual charts and graphs, so you can see the changes in value over time more easily than with plain text alone. You have access to all 30-days’ worth of local housing data from around the world regardless of which MLS you’re using! Cloud CMA features interactive presentations, beautifully designed print reports and is optimized for smart devices.

For more information, visit https://cloudcma.com.

Two: Flash CMA

Flash CMA is designed to provide an easy way for users to access their analysis features on the go. A user-friendly interface makes this a great place to start if you’re just getting into market analysis or have never done one before because there’s no difficult learning curve.

The service allows you to create a 10+ page substantive report in just 15 seconds. It scans the MLS to pull comps and adjusts them automatically. You can send your report to clients via print, email, or text.

For more information: visit http://flashcma.com.

Three: House Canary Pro

House Canary Pro has the ability to sort comps in ascending or descending order which is helpful for seeing quickly where your listing fits into the neighborhood. You can also drill down to see what features are most prevalent among comp properties so you can be sure yours matches up perfectly with similar homes in terms of amenities.

House Canary Pro offers customizable reports and charts, powerful search tools, and it’s easy to navigate too. For more information: https://housecanary.com/pro

Four: MoxyPresent from MoxiWorks

MoxyPresent is a CMA software that’s ideal for agents who want everything they need in one place. This offering includes a competitive market analysis tool so you can be sure you’re helping your client price the listing optimally.

MoxyPresent features an intuitive user interface, and it automatically displays sales history and comps by sorting them into clusters according to their characteristics and relevance.

For more information: visit https://moxiworks.com/product/market-analysis/.

Five: Dash CMA

Dash CMA helps you create a professional-looking report in less than 10 minutes. It’s easy to use and comes equipped with the tools agents need to make their analysis rock solid.

Dash CMA includes predictive analytics, which can help you determine which homes are most likely to sell soon, what prices they’ll fetch, and who your best prospects for referrals might be.

For more information: visit https://dashcma.com/.

Six: RPR – Realty Property Resource

RPR – Realty Property Resource gives you access to listings, prior sales data, tax records, and owner history so you can provide your client with more information than they ever thought possible about their property.

You have the ability to download comps into a spreadsheet format which makes it easy for agents to accurately show clients how the listing will perform in the current market.

For more information: visit https://www.narrpr.com.

Seven: Toolkit CMA

Toolkit CMA is a powerful cloud-based platform that’s the perfect solution for agents who are new to comparative market analysis and don’t know where to start.

You can create an unlimited number of reports, you’re able to share them with as many new prospects as you like, and it takes just minutes so you can turn around your analyses quickly.

For more information: https://www.toolkitcma.com

Eight: Cloud Agent Suite

Cloud Agent Suite is a software that allows you to create detailed CMA reports, property reports, flyers, and more. It’s ideal for agents who want to sell listings but need an edge because it provides you with the tools you need to compete in today’s competitive market.

This software includes a dashboard that displays stats on all of your properties, MLS information, demographics, trends, and more. It can help you make smart business decisions too.

For more information: visit https://cloudagentsuite.com.

Nine: Lone Wolf Technologies Cloud CMA Software

Lone Wolf Technologies Cloud CMA Software lets you create a report in just minutes, and it’s easy to navigate too. You can choose from a number of different templates that will allow you to present your information in the most efficient manner possible.

You can also prepare for client meetings by creating high-impact PowerPoint presentations, which makes it easy to give them an overview of how the listing stacks up against similar properties.

For more information: visit: https://www.lwolf.com/products/cloud-cma

Ten: Monday CRM

Monday CRM’s CMA tool is a good option for agents who want to create reports that stand out from similar properties. You can personalize the information you include in your report by uploading a logo and creating a custom, branded layout.

You have access to advanced demographic tools so you can determine where your client’s property ranks within their local area. Advanced search filters allow you to sort listings by price or time on the market, too.

For more information, visit https://monday.com.


Creating a CMA is an essential task for agents who want to sell their listings, but only if the information is accurate and easy to understand. 

Fortunately, there are tools available that can help you create detailed reports quickly, so your clients feel confident about listing with you and the price they list at.

By using these tools, you’ll be able to grow your business and give yourself a competitive edge.

Creating CMAs manually is a time-consuming and labor-intensive project and one that will need to be done for every client. By using CMA software, you can save time and get your reports done more efficiently.

The goal with all of this is to help agents be able to provide their clients with detailed information about comparable properties in order to sell listings quickly. There are a number of different options available when it comes to creating CMAs, so take some time and look into them before making a decision.

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10 Best CMA Creators for Real Estate [2021]
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10 Best CMA Creators for Real Estate [2021]
A comparative market analysis is a detailed report that compares the current and past sales activity of a property to nearby properties. It's an essential tool for real estate agents who need to make the best offer on behalf of their clients, but it can be difficult to create one. Luckily there are plenty of tools out there that will help you do all the heavy lifting, so you don't have to spend hours looking through MLS listings and building your own spreadsheet. Here's what you need to know about finding the right CMA creator for you.
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